Designs are available in plenty these days, demanding a lot of your time to choose the best one for the occasion. From traditional kalamkari inspired wedding cards to classy patterns with light shades, many aesthetically appealing designs are ruling the market. You may find it hard to select from a wide range of options. All the emotions seep down into the hearts of the readers and guests when you send them the invitation. Life has its miraculous way of sparking up the bonds that we never thought would work. The narrative has a way to cling to the people’s minds if the colors and graphics are attractive. You need to find the best ways to weave a story out of the cards to tug on the hearts of your loved ones. Here are a few unique wedding invitation ideas.

1. Cultural and Traditional Patterns

Wedding Invitation

A South Indian culture is showcased in this wedding invitation card design, bringing many traditions to life through the interwoven elements. The classical dance exponent of the Southern states is made a part of this card. Several such patterns are created to mirror the culture of the people. Anyone who loves dance and music can opt for cards that light up the day and set a glint in the eye. Temple watermarks and chandeliers are ideas that the designers used to embellish the card, helping reflect the flavor of the Indian households.

2. Vintage Garden Design

Vintage Garden Design

The memories of the day define the wedding, and the designs used in the invitation card also evoke visions of paradise on earth. These are elements that transcend time through the colors and the aroma of the ingredients used. Couples that need a different take on the wedding invitation can go for this design that encloses the space for the dearest people by setting up incredible gardens for them to explore. Something serene is expected by many brides that this design was created, expanding the options for future customers.

3. Pop Culture and Art

Pop Culture and Art

Though not many people might opt for this, pop culture is likely to be the design under the greatest demand. The banal elements of an invitation card are broken to bring artistic aspects to life through the cards. An edgy pop-culture twist with noticeable references projects the passion of the bride and groom for various fields of interest. Personalities of the couple are also reflected in the classy designs used. When these patterns are mixed with the color palettes of nature and tradition, a perfect blend is formed. The modern approach to concepts of immense popularity can be one of the best ways to invite friends and family to a wedding. You can also choose to use more than one pop culture reference or artform in the card if you like to do so.